Message to E Part 2

Things will get better, E.
Ikwento mo sa mga kaibigan mo.
Iiyak mo sa magulang mo.
Makipag-usap ka kahit sa mga taong di mo kilala.
Sumubok ka ng mga bagong bagay.
Makipaglaro ka sa pamangkin mo.
Mag-bonding kayo ng kapatid mo.
Magiging OK din ang lahat.


I’m sorry, too.
That I made you tired.
That I couldn’t give you what you wanted.
That I didn’t lambing you enough.
That I lost my temper.
That I wasn’t sweet all the time.
That I got tired of trying to win you back.
That I gave up on us.

Message to E

We already talked about this.
‘Di ko alam kung bakit ayaw mo pa rin magbago.
You need to use this time to fix yourself
because you clearly have a problem.
I know I have issues to address as well
so I’m using this time to fix myself, too.
We both have been damaged by this relationship.
We need time to heal.
We need time to find ourselves (#gasgas I know)
Trust me,
you won’t find the answer in the 23 year olds
you’re chasing after.
I already told you this
but apparently, you weren’t listening (as usual).
They will only bring you pain and rejection.
Naka-strike one ka na (Clue – A.A.)
Only time will tell before number 2 leaves you
for someone else (maybe someone his age).
Don’t lie to your friends.
(Are you scared they’ll tell you the same things
I’m saying to you now?)
Don’t lie to yourself.
And most of all,
don’t lie to me (I remember John Lapus).
You said wala kang ibang gusto
pero obviously, hindi ka nagsabi ng totoo
kasi nahulog ka na para sa mga batang ito.
You’re older.
You already know this.
You were young once.
Alam mo na kung anong gagawin mo.

Snap out of it.


I heard you told your friends things about me
How I never want to hold your hand while we were in Europe
How I was always walking ahead of you
(And you have pictures of my back to prove it)
I think you forgot to tell them the other half of the truth –
you were busy looking at other men.
(And you have the pictures to incriminate yourself.)

You told me the reason why we’re not together is because of me
How I can never be sweet
How I can never match your expectations
How I can never be enough for you
I think you forgot to tell me
you wanted to pursue someone new.

You told me you love me.
I believed you.
But deep down, I knew you’d falter.
Sad to say, I somehow knew it was going to end.
And I’m not sure anymore if I believe the things you tell me
because I know now you don’t always speak the truth.

You told me you’re just waiting for me to win you back
But how can I when you know I’m never going to change
And you’re always going to be the same
I think you forgot to tell me
that you’re never going to be able to accept me completely
the way that I have done for you.

I think you’re just too scared to say it
Or maybe you don’t want to break my heart
But I’m a big boy now, I can handle it
One of these days, I’m going to finally hear you say
“I don’t love you anymore”
And I’d tell you,
“I’ve stopped loving you a long time ago”


Gusto kitang itae palabas ng katawan ko.
Kasi toxic ka.
Kasi sinungaling ka.
Kasi hindi ka nakakatuwa.
Kasi sinisira mo araw ko.
Kasi napaka-predictable mo.
Kasi lagi kang bad timing.
Gusto kitang itae palabas ng pagkatao ko
kasi ‘yun ka – tae sa buhay ko.

Tapos na Tayo

This is not going to work out.
This is not going anywhere.
It’s not you, it’s me.
It’s me, not you.
This is the end.

Hindi na tayo magkakabalikan.
Hindi na magiging tayo.
Hindi na tayo magsasama.
Hindi na ikaw ang kasama ko sa pagtanda.

Sarado na ang libro.
Expired na ang relasyon natin.
Inabutan na tayo ng closing time.
May tuldok na tayo.
Dead end na ‘to.

Wala ng one more chance.
Wala ng part 2 (or 3 or 4).
Walang future.
Walang patutunguhan.
Wala ng tayo.

Tapos na tayo.

Katy Perry

Sinungaling ka talaga
at halatang guilty pa.
Kahit ano pang sabihin mo,
nasa punto na akong
hindi na ako naniniwala sa’yo.